Bookbridge: Enable reading and learning in Cambodia and Mongolia

Education is a human right. It is the premise for a sustainable human development and a peaceful coexistence. In less developed countries access to education is often inadequate. According to UNESCO, 775 million people are illiterate. BOOKBRIDGE provides access to education by equipping libraries and education centers in Mongolia and Cambodia. BOOKBRIDGE works closely with local partners so that teaching libraries and education centers achieve sustainability. BOOKBRIDGE also engages children and youth in Europe and the UK to collect books for these libraries, thus, increasing the awareness of the value of education on both ends of the bridge. To date, 14 libraries have been built reaching a total of 500,000 people.


Till December 2011, 14 libraries with a total of 150,000 books have been established in the countryside of Mongolia and Cambodia. More than 500,000 people now have access to reading and learning.


Education is a human right. It is the premise for a sustainable human development and a peaceful coexistence. Education increases self-confidence and independence; knowledge is the precondition for empowerment and participation ( In poorer countries the access to education is often limited. There is a lack of qualified teachers as well as materials; access to education often is not free of charge. In rich countries access to education is granted. Many children and youth don`t know the value of education.

Therefore, our target groups are children and youth. In rich countries we sensitize them for the value of education and encourage them to help disadvantaged children in other areas of the world.

In developing countries BOOKBRIDGE offers children and youth a warm and friendly place to learn and play. Through free access to books and other media as well as courses and activities BOOKBRIDGE provides free access to education. Thereby, we empower children and youth for a self-determined life and improve their chances for the future.


Besides common library offerings, the libraries offer free courses and activities for children and youth. For adults the learning centers provide courses that are subject to fees. With the combination of courses subject to fees and free offerings the learning centers become financially independent and can be run on a sustainable basis.
The access to education through our interactive libraries improves the future chances of the local communities to become self sufficient.
BOOKBRIDGE finances its running costs through programs offered to companies. 100% of donations are given to our projects.


The focus of our action is to promote the commitment by children for children. In developed regions like Europe we increase the awareness of the value of education and encourage children and youth to act for disadvantaged children and youth. In developing countries like Mongolia and Cambodia we integrate children and youth in the set up and creation of sustainable educational offerings.
Along with our work with children and youth from different parts in the world we foster cultural exchange.


After Mongolia BOOKBRIDGE expanded to Cambodia in 2011. This year the decision for a third country will be made. Besides the set up of learning centres BOOKBRIDGE supports local NGOs who pursue the goal of setting up interactive libraries.
BOOKBRIDGE aims at designing its operations as a social franchise allowing for replication and scalability anywhere in the developing and developed world. We aim at reaching 3 million people by 2014.

CHF 35,000 Goal
CHF 44,865 Raised
CHF 20 – CHF 200
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