Infoklick: supporting youth to make a difference

In many societies, particularly in Switzerland, young people only receive attention if they are in trouble and have committed a crime or taken drugs. The majority of programs are directed at these offending groups. Infoklick offers in-kind support to children and youth that come up with an initiative or idea to contribute positively to society. Often a little encouragement, a mentor, a room to meet or a tiny start-up financial contribution are enough to get an initiative going. Infoclick provides “help to help themselves” so that the youth can realize their own ideas. Infoklick is Switzerland’s largest online information portal for the youth. Through this portal young people share their ideas, answer to all their queries and support each other.

Impact answers more than 40,000 questions submitted by young people using the online portal. It connects youth with similar ideas or issues and creates a network of engaged groups. It has created a center for children and youth activities in Moosseedorf, close to Bern, where it offers meeting space and rooms for seminars. Currently, more than 100,000 young people are actively involved in projects with Infoklick, receiving the financial and inkind resources and support they need to convert their ideas into reality.


Youth, age (0 until 30 Years old)


Infoklick stimulates and unleashes the potential in young people to engage in society by providing them with information, as well as financial and in-kind support.


We support the youth to actively engage in solving the problems of their generation in a proactive way through projects and our information portal. does not solves the problems of young people, but encourage them to solve the problems themselves. To reach this goal, we work with a large and interdisciplinary open source network.


We connect youth with similar ideas or issues and create a network of engaged groups.

Source of funding

Infoklick finances a major part of the costs through the self-funding projects they create and the balance of roughly 20% is covered through donations and grants.

CHF 10,000 Goal
CHF 10,900 Raised
CHF 50 – CHF 1,000
This project is closed!