Streetfootballworld: Capacity development in non-profit management

Millions of young people around the world are facing a future full of uncertainties. Streetfootballworld is convinced that football has the power to change lives and to inspire people. Streetfootballworld is strengthening its global network of organizations committed to football, to help young people overcome social challenges such as poverty, social exclusion and lack of education. This is done through providing capacity building & development to these organizations in nonprofit management. Street Football World Network members reach 600,000 young people every year.


streetfootballworld network members reach 600,000 young people every year. Most of these youth come from disadvantaged communities where obstacles such as poverty, gender inequality, HIV/AIDS and lack of quality education can seem overwhelming.

We have channeled over $5,000,000 of funding directly to our network members through our partnerships with FIFA and the Inter-American Development Bank. In 2010, 82% of our network members were able to access at least one face-to-face capacity development programme aimed at improving their delivery in organisational development, communications and fundraising. We are also currently developing a global monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system that will help organisations to effectively measure their impact, as well as an online donation platform so individuals around the world can directly support network members’ work with youth.

Our goal for 2015 is to have a global network of 100 effective and well-connected members reaching two million young people every year on a continuous basis and to engage different players from the global football sector to help us achieve this.

While network members have proven success in youth programmes, non-profit management continues to be a challenge which limits their ability to increase impact. Through streetfootballworld’s capacity development programmes, these organisations can more effectively raise funds, measure and communicate their impact, and retain experienced staff – all of which directly contributes to the quality and scope of their youth programmes.


The direct beneficiaries are a target group which is often overlooked – the organisation’s staff. These committed employees and volunteers directly benefit through improved job skills, work quality and organizational management. Furthermore, employees gain an increased sense of job satisfaction, empowerment and commitment to the youth they’re dedicated to serve.

Additional beneficiaries are the youth themselves. While every organisation in streetfootballworld’s network is unique, most are working in disadvantaged communities with youth under 22 years of age who have limited prospects due to a range of local issues, such as homelessness, gang violence, political conflict, lack of access to health care, poor education and more. Youth benefit from capacity building opportunities, either through direct participation or improved programmes which provide them with valuable education, skills and leadership experience.


streetfootballworld believes that strengthening the staff of its network member organisations is the best way to ensure sustainability. That is why streetfootballworld puts needs assessment and capacity building opportunities at the centre of everything we do. Through training workshops, best practice exchanges, on- and offline reference materials, and targeted consultancy matching, network members gain valuable skills that can be applied to various aspects of the organisation’s work and transferred internally to other team members or the youth themselves.


streetfootballworld believes the football industry is moving into a new era, where collaboration off the pitch will be as important as competition on the pitch. Overcoming the conventional approach of exclusivity typically seen in the football sector, streetfootballworld strives to bring together all actors – football governing bodies, sponsors, non-profits, etc. – to come together behind a common goal, namely, creating a better future for youth.

streetfootballworld works with individuals, and various football and corporate partners to channel not only financial resources, but expertise, consultancy, access to training events and products to meet the capacity development needs identified by its network members. Through this innovative approach to development, we aim to mobilize the entire sector to make a meaningful commitment to social development while aligning efforts to minimize duplication and maximize impact.

CHF 2,500 Goal
CHF 7,970 Raised
CHF 100 – CHF 1,000
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