Swiss Laos Hospital Project

Laos is one of the poorest countries in the world – and it is the weakest who suffer the consequences the most. In Laos, mothers have to give birth to their children under appalling hygienic conditions. The country has virtually no functioning hospitals, and the fatality rate of newborns and their mothers is extremely high. One in 12 children does not live to see their fifth birthday. This organization is committed to voluntary work provided by Swiss doctors and nursing staff for obstetric care.
We were moved to support the Swiss Laos Hospital Project three years ago not only due to the great need in Laos. We were also inspired by the fact that the entire team of doctors, nurses and midwives in Laos work in their leisure time without pay. The donated funds do not end up in a big administrative system; but directly to Laos.

At, you can find further information about this aid project, and at, aid workers post news and photos straight from Laos.


CHF 5,000 Goal
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CHF 20 – CHF 1,500
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