The Global Exchange for Social Investment (GEXSI) is an initiative that had been launched at the World Economic Forum in 2001 under the auspices of the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship. In the meantime it evolved into a small, mission-driven impact investment advisory based in Berlin which is closely interconnected with the international impact investing community.

Sosense and GEXSI mutually benefit from their strategic alliance: Sosense benefits from GEXSI’s long standing expertise related to social business development and financing models that blend philanthropic and commercial capital, which is a recurrent theme in many of Sosense’s projects, such as the crowdfunding platform for Yunus Social Business which just has been launched.

GEXSI benefits from the impact cases that are being created: “ It is amazing”, argues GEXSI’s CEO Andreas Renner, “to see how a philanthropic corporate engagement and new investment circles that work with the Sosense technology help to fill the structural finance gap which social enterprises face. GEXSI had been searching for a long-time for effective means to address this challenge. With Sosense we found a competent partner which supports our mission.”

Sosense and GEXSI defined a target for 2015: To run a Digital Social Innovation Award which empowers social enterprises and other social purpose organisations to benefit from the power of innovative online platforms to leverage their social impact.

Published by Sosense