Hello, we are Sosense – We empower social innovation in the digital age!


Digital Innovation has dramatically changed

… the way we communicate, work, buy, sell and spend our time. Digital innovation and technology is the catalyst for massive positive change in society.


Imagine how effectively we could tackle society’s

… most pressing challenges if we utilized digital tools and helped to develop new digital business models that focus exclusively on addressing key societal challenges.


This is what Sosense is all about!

We empower social innovation in the digital age. For us, digital innovation is a catalyst for change and the inspiration for new business models that benefit society as a whole.

Our Initiatives

Sosense Crowdfunding

The Sosense Crowdfunding Platform empower individuals and corporations to support impactful social entrepreneurs and social businesses around the world.

Corporate Engagement

We deliver tailor-made creative concepts and solutions for client, staff and consumer engagement – ensure that your brand leaves a lasting impression.

Ideation & Incubation

We engage in a creative process to identify and implement new powerful digital driven social business models – exploiting your potential through digital social innovation.

Companies we work with

What our client and partners say

"Sosense empowered us to run a highly successful joined client and employee engagement event ­­– another way for living our core values outside the traditional business environment. Thanks to Sosense’s creative ideas and innovative digital tools, we were able to leverage funds while highly motivating our employees."

Dirk Scherble

Marketing Director, SAP (Schweiz) AG

"I fundamentally believe in the power of crowdfunding. Through our partnership with Sosense we have the chance to spread this powerful tool to the corporate sector as well!"

Saskia Thais Bruysten

Co-founder & CEO, Yunus Social Business

“Thanks to the professional support from Sosense, Autoneum implemented a highly recognized global project in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility. Sosense contributed significantly to the positive reception from our employees and the success of this activity through their creativity and use of modern CSR tools.“

Kevin Smith

Head Global HR, Autoneum

„With Sosense, we found a partner that acts as a catalyst for social innovation. Sosense has built a strong brand and creditable reputation.„

Urs Honegger

CEO, PwC Schweiz

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